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My family is my whole world! There are three girls that fill our home with dancing, singing, and messy crafts. Sure, it's hard but it is a lot of fun. 

2015 was a year that changed my life forever. My best friend, grandmother and cornerstone of our family was diagnosed with brain cancer. I remember sitting by her bed singing and playing guitar as her toes danced in rhythm. She is no longer with us but there is a photograph. It's an image I took of my grandmother from behind my guitar. She was my cheerleader and biggest fan. The picture is blurry but to me, it's priceless. You don't realize how important a photograph is until it's the only thing you have left. 

I like to think freezing time is my superpower.

i'm jessica (she/her/hers)


You should feel comfortable and natural when the camera comes out. You shouldn’t have to worry, you have enough stress as it is! Many freeze up in front of the camera because they feel awkward. It’s time to say, “enough of that!!” I’m going to take care of you. With me, you’re going to feel comfortable, like being with an old friend. I’m going to see your need before you even know you have it. So take a deep breath. Embrace these moments. Laugh loud and love deep. Be you!


My family is my whole world! There are three girls that fill our home with dancing, singing, and messy crafts. I’m more aware now than I have ever been that time is the greatest thief. I love taking my girls on adventures, whether it’s loading up and heading to the mountains/beach, taking a walk on the greenway or treating them with hot chocolate at the coffee shop. 


Coffee is home to me. As a kid, my grandmother would open the coffee can and I would run over to smell it. After it brewed, she would give me milk, sugar and a splash of coffee. We would sit together with our coffee and share stories. My sense of taste has come a long way since I was six! Every morning, I grind my fresh coffee beans from Black and White Coffee Roasters. I'm pretty much a coffee snob now.

good coffee

Good food makes me happy! I love the meaningful conversations that take place around the dinner table. There’s something about a delicious dinner that invites intimacy, joy and laughter. Nearly every weekend, we enjoy heading out to explore local restaurants. 



My Favorite Things

I first met Kelsey as a client in the sunflower field! Her and her girlfriend met me for a mini session in the summer of 2021. Kelsey is passionate about connecting with people and loves helping Jessica capture their stories through photography. She is currently a student at East Carolina University and works as a nanny for young children. We are lucky to have her friendly and outgoing personality welcome you as you begin your mini session.

Kelsey Woods (she/her/hers)
Assistant to the photographer

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