Here’s Why You Need Great Photography for Your Local Business 


No matter your industry, market, or goals, you need great photography for your business. Below, we explore the top 5 reasons to choose a professional photographer for your business and how that choice drives you toward success. 

1. Shoppers are Visual 

Our screens bombard us with images day and night. And for a good reason: marketers know what works. More information can be communicated through a photograph than a sentence or a few paragraphs. Our customers want to consume the most information possible with the least effort; they want compelling, quality Photography. 

Shoppers are visual; you can capitalize on this trait by investing in great photography for your business. A single photograph can convey a considerable amount to the viewer. As a result, they are more likely to stay on the page, learn more about your business, and eventually make a favorable purchase decision if it’s high quality. 

Professional Photography allows you to engage, educate, and communicate with your audience through a medium they’re happy to consume. 

2. Quality Photography Gives You a Competitive Edge 

Regardless of the products or services you offer, you’re always trying to gain a competitive advantage over your competition. Quality Photography sets you apart from other businesses offering the same or similar goods. 

Put yourself in the position of your target buyer. For example, suppose you seek a specific product. In that case, you are more likely to trust a business with professional photography on its site or social media. Custom photographs provide helpful information and communicate professionalism to potential customers. 

Investing in great Photography for your business is a must in a market where every detail counts toward making a sale and reaching your goals. 

3. increase Online Traffic 

Your online presence drives your business’s success. High-quality Photography optimizes your SEO and marketing efforts, engaging customers from their first interaction with your business online. Additionally, great Photography combined with professional SEO earns you higher rankings in the search results, garners more traffic from potential customers, and presents your business as professional, trustworthy, and high-quality. 

To win online, you must have great Photography for your business. 

We see a clear example of the need for professional Photography when optimizing Google My Business. Our GMB listing gives consumers important information about your business, where you can publish images that show people your location, your products, and any other helpful information you can communicate via photograph. 

As your Google My Business page is often the first point of engagement with new consumers, you must ensure the photos you publish here accurately and effectively market your brand to shoppers. 

4. establish Your Brand Identity 

Professional Photography empowers you to establish your brand identity. Cultivating a solid identity is essential to your business’s success. 

Effective branding can 

  • Increase revenue 
  • Boost customer retention 
  • Build brand loyalty 
  • Increase brand recognition 

All the above help you grow your bottom line. Great Photography for your business provides much more than aesthetics. Your pictures shape your brand identity and tell your brand story. 

5. Custom Photography is Authentic and Professional 

Stock photos are cheap and easy to find. You know this, and your shoppers know this too. But, when you choose stock photography to market your business, you communicate that your success isn’t worth the work or investment of acquiring professional photography services. Stock photos fill blank space on your site and socials, but they scream unprofessionalism and inauthenticity. 

Today’s buyer looks for sincerity in the brands they shop for. They want to buy from brands they can trust. Custom professional business photography presents your company in the best light with images that reflect your business, your people, and your unique products and services. 

Consumers crave authenticity; more than that, they demand it. Hiring a professional photographer shows shoppers that you value genuineness, integrity, and sincerity, which compels them to buy from you. 

Different Types of Photography 

We’ve established that having professional Photography is non-negotiable for your business. But within business photography are different types of Photography that help you market yourself. 

Great business photography is an investment that you can repurpose again and again. Your Photography will look great on your site, social media, email campaigns, and paper brochures– anywhere your business presence can be found. 

Below we list our most requested business shots that enable our clients to make the most of their professional photography investment. 

1. Storefront 

Every brick-and-mortar shop has a website (if you don’t, Triangle-based digital agency Linchpin can build a professional site for your business.) As shoppers come to your site, please give them a visual of your building. This creates familiarity and builds trust while creating the context for your business. 

2. Inside Your Store 

In-store Photography brings potential customers into your space and creates intimacy before they’ve ever visited your physical location. Use shots inside your store to get shoppers “behind the curtain” and add visuals to your marketing content. 

3. Product Photography 

Shoppers want to know what to expect before they walk into your store. And if you have an e-commerce shop, your product photography is the only data customers have when deciding whether to purchase. 

Professional product photography communicates quality in your products and your business, persuading customers to proceed with the buying process. In a retail world where many individuals shop online, product photography gives them the information they want and the confidence they need to buy from you. 

4. Personnel Portraits and Headshots

Your business is more than an entity. It’s made up of real people. Capturing the human element of your company will endear customers to your business and build trust, increasing both customer loyalty and revenue. 

Publish your portraits on your website and use them in your socials to foster intimacy and show your clients that you’re more than a business: you’re a group of people here to provide the solutions they’re searching for. 

Examples of Branding Portraits

Storymore Ribbon Cutting

Brothers In Gray by Mary V. Woods

Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce Youth Leadership Academy

National Association of Women Business Owners Gala

June 14, 2022