How I Am Different From Other Photographers

Family Photography

When it comes to businesses, client experience matters – a lot. In today’s competitive environment, providing a good client experience is more important than ever. It’s essential to the success of any company, not just to make customers happy, but also to encourage loyalty, build trust, and improve reputation.

Why booking with JWP is different from booking with other photographers.

Jessica Woodall Photography is more than a photography service, it’s a boutique experience. From the first point of contact to the hanging of the prints on your wall, I hope you feel less like a client and more like a familiar friend.
Because we are good friends, I will be able to catch the natural, candid and joyful images! I will pose you to capture the portraits that grandma wants, then ask you questions to help you relax and laugh. Those are the shots you want hanging on your wall! 

Jessica Woodall Photography is structured around intentionality. I value sharing your story by creating natural, authentic and joyful images.

How I Can Help Solve Your Problem.

Have you ever thought about time passing by? As I watch my kids grow older, I realize time is the biggest thief of all. Days pass by us like sand in our hands, but I like to think that I can freeze time. We will never get these days back, but we will be able to flip through an heirloom album and remember. We have the opportunity to remember with stories, laughter and tears of joy.

March 2, 2023