How To Choose The Right Spot For Your Family Photos

Portrait Sessions

Choosing the right photo shoot location can make or break the aesthetic of your photos. When narrowing down your options, there are few key things to consider.

Find A Spot That Fits The Theme Of Your Photoshoot

First and foremost, you should find a location that fits the theme of your photoshoot. For instance, if you’re shooting a romantic portrait, a beach with soft waves lapping against the shore might be perfect. But if you’re planning an edgy fashion shoot, you’ll want to look for somewhere stark and urban. If you aren’t sure what the theme is, you should first consider your outfits. If you are aiming for the urban look then you wouldn’t want to dress in flannels with boots. Be sure everything fits nicely together like a puzzle.

Lighting Is Key For Your Session

Next, it’s important to think about the lighting. Everyone looks better in natural light as opposed to harsh fluorescent lighting, so aim to find a spot outdoors with plenty of sunshine. If you have to shoot indoors, check to see if there are any windows that you can utilize.

What Does It Look Like Around The Location

It’s also wise to bear in mind the composition of your background. Is the scenery uncluttered or cluttered? Is there a distraction such as a water fountain or a busy street sign? Make sure that any background objects don’t interfere with the main focus of your photos.

Safety First

Finally, consider the safety of the location. Make sure it’s a public spot or somewhere that you have permission to be, and if possible scout out the area beforehand to make sure it’s safe for your models and yourself.

If you chat with your photographer they should have a list of locations that they like to shoot at in your area. JWP clients can expect a gallery for each location that I love to take my clients to.

February 23, 2023