How To Choose Your Witness (bridesmaid/groomsmen)


“Will you marry me?” is the question you have dreamed about since you were a kid playing with the neighborhood kids. If you’re anything like me you dreamed about what they would look like, where they would pop the question and what the scene would look like. Growing up I would earmark my friends who would make the cut to be in my wedding party. It was so easy to choose as a kid! However, when it actually comes time to ask your friends the lingering question is “how can I possibly choose!?”

10 Tips On How To Narrow It Down

  1. First decide how many you want to have in your wedding party.
  2. Do you have any siblings? If you are close to them let them stand up with you. However, if you aren’t close to your siblings an idea is to have them as an usher or maybe pass out wedding programs.
  3. Is there anyone in your family that you are exceptionally close to? They have been around since you were a baby and have loved you at every stage of life.
  4. What childhood best friends are you still in contact with? I don’t just mean who do you follow on social media. Who do you occasionally pick up the phone and call?
  5. Are you still in contact with your friends from high school? Do you want to include any of those friends?
  6. Who from college are you still close to? You will want to include them if when you hop on a phone call and it seem like no time has passed.
  7. Who are you close to now? You will want to include the ones who you spend your free time with, the ones who support you day to day.
  8. Is there anyone who is “your person?” To quote Grey’s Anatomy “You are my person you will always be my person.”
  9. Is there a family member of your fianc├ęs that you have connected with?
  10. Choose a friend who has gone the distance with you!

October 18, 2022