Senior Spotlight: Emersen Fitch


JWP is always searching for ways to give more value to the client. I believe every person has a story to share no matter how old they are. Photography allows us to capture a small portion of their story to remember for generations to come. On this blog post, I will introduce you to a local senior who I recently had the honor to photograph for her senior portraits. Her mom, Maura eagerly reached out after being referred to JWP on Facebook. She wanted to capture Emersen’s independent city girl vibe. Maura is a proud mom and rightly so! As you will see below her daughter, Emersen is paving her own way in this world.

Meet Emersen Fitch

Emersen is a senior at Wilson Early College Academy in Wilson, North Carolina, and will receive her high school diploma and associate’s degree Spring 2023. As for college, she is still deciding between UNC-Chapel Hill and The New School in New York City. Emersen has plans to study both Environmental Science and Theatre and would like to pursue careers in film acting, entertainment law, and environmental activism. Her passions include acting, environmental sustainability, singing, reading, and fashion.

Emersen gave intriguing answers when I asked the following questions.

Where Will You Be In Ten Years?

“I see myself in a big city, either New York or Los Angeles. I’ll likely be apart of a well-known law firm in either area, working with celebrities and making connections in the entertainment industry. I also hope to be working on film projects and using my influential platform to stress environmental issues.”

Emersen Fitch

What Advice Do You Have For H.S. Freshmen?

“Don’t procrastinate on your work because your freshman year is just as important as every other year of high school. At the same token, don’t spend all of your time focusing on school. Make new friends, get involved in school activities, and create amazing memories. High school flies by quickly.”

Emersen Fitch

Lastly, I asked Emersen’s mom to share a favorite story about her as a child.

“At the age of 5 and just starting kindergarten, Emersen gave me a taste of her independence. On her first day of school, I went to walk in with her and she turned around and said “I don’t need you to walk in with me Mommy, I’m good. ” The rest is history. She was madly independent and ahead of her time but that didn’t stop me from seeing her to her classroom .”

Maura Fitch

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit about Emersen. Check out her senior pictures below!

May 2, 2023