The Practice Of Chronicling Your Life


Just the other day a fellow photographer was saying he has taken a picture of his daughter every day that she’s alive. She’s now 10 years old. That’s approximately 3,653 images of his daughter.

The value of taking the same exact picture through the years cannot be understated. This practice provides a visual chronicle of our lives, growth, and change. As time passes, we often forget the little details of our everyday life that make our experiences unique. These small details can be captured in a single photograph, and revisiting them over time can bring a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for the passage of time.

Firstly, taking the same photograph over the years allows us to see how we have physically changed. We can see ourselves grow from babies to toddlers, young children to teenagers and finally, to adults. Looking at these photographs can also help us appreciate the beauty of aging and the growth of our bodies. It’s common to look back at photographs from our earlier years and realize how much we’ve changed.

In addition to physical changes, repeated photographs allow us to see how we’ve evolved as individuals. With each passing year, we gain new experiences, and they inevitably shape our personalities and outlooks on life. By looking at photographs taken years ago and comparing them to more recent ones, we can see this growth firsthand. We may notice certain characteristics from previous years that no longer exist or see the evolution of our personal style.

Additionally, repeated photographs also capture changes in the world around us, with significant historical events often etched into the photos themselves. For example, a photo of the same building, taken over the years, can show how the surrounding area has evolved or changed. The same can be said for photographs of people, as clothing and hairstyles come in and out of fashion or modes of transportation change over time. These visual records offer a unique insight into the progression of time and our place in it.

Finally, taking the same photo year after year serves as a reminder to be present in the moment. Knowing that we will capture a specific photograph year after year prompts us to reflect on how we felt at that very moment. This reflection can help us become more mindful and appreciative of the little things, savoring each moment as it passes, and cherishing the memories that we create along the way.

In conclusion, taking the same photograph over the years provides us with an invaluable tool for reflection, growth, and reminiscence. As we continue to age and live our lives, these photographs capture our unique journey and the changes we undergo along the way. They serve as a reminder to stay present, appreciate the little things, and savor every memory, as we walk

If you follow my business you will recognize the family below. Anson and his family have taken this same photo every year since the day that they were married in this arboretum. I had the honor of taking years 2019 and 2022. Not only can we see a change in their daughter but also in mom and dad!

March 28, 2023