Top Six Locations For Portrait Sessions In Raleigh

Portrait Sessions


Located in the heart of Wake Forest, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is the perfect place for a portrait session in all seasons. Built in the 1800s, the campus is home to sprawling landscaping that features flowers all year. So every season, you’ll find an ever-changing variety of colorful blooms that serve as an ideal backdrop for your session. 

In the middle of the campus, an orchard of magnolia trees towers over the quad: the massive blossoms and gorgeous greenery frame your photos on this historic campus. Throughout the orchard, you’ll find stone pathways and manicured lawns. We love to use these paths for family shots, engagements, or other sessions where our clients want walking photos. 

Just past the magnolias sits Binkley Chapel. Initially built for Wake Forest College, this magnificent building serves as the perfect backdrop for mini photography sessions. White stone steps lead up to the massive wooden doors that spread across the face of the chapel. The red brick exterior and the light stone are a warm background for your portraits every season. 

Fountains of all sizes on the seminary’s grounds sit in the shadow of gorgeous tress and classic architecture. The campus holds many hidden corners ideal for sweet, intimate shots. And the sprawling lawns are big enough to capture large family portraits. 

When you book a session for the seminary, you enjoy a wide variety of options for your shoot. In any season, this location boasts beautiful backdrops for your portraits. But, regardless of the type of session you choose, we know you’ll love the beautiful settings the seminary offers. 

Downtown Wake Forest

Picturesque Downtown Wake Forest is what you imagine when you think of a quaint small town. It was developed in the late 1800s when several commercial businesses fueled growth. You can see the original buildings that housed these companies up and down White Street. Carefully kept landscaping and planters line the brick sidewalks, adding to the small-town feel of this historic downtown. 

Downtown Wake Forest is a perfect location for a portrait session. The area has so much to offer in just a few blocks. As you make your way downtown, you’ll hear the chime of the old clock just outside the Cotton Company, where vendors sell both modern and antique wares. Sweeties Candy Shop is another fixture of Downtown Wake Forest. Located at the end of a block, Sweeties is home to a vast, whimsical candy mural that makes a fun backdrop for your mini photography sessions. 

These and other age-old establishments give Downtown Wake Forest the unique charm that makes it ideal for your photography sessions with us. Our mini sessions last about 20 minutes, the perfect timeframe to capture precious memories while everyone in your party still looks and feels great. In this session, you walk away with gorgeous portraits that you will treasure forever. And after we’re done with the shoot, you can enjoy all Downtown Wake Forest has to offer. 

You don’t have to travel far to find beautiful settings for your photography sessions. In all seasons, Downtown Wake Forest offers charm, beauty, and the unique quality that only a historic downtown can provide. It’s big enough to allow for multiple shoot locations, and it’s small enough that we can travel to most of them within the time frame of a session. For many of our clients, Wake Forest is home. Choosing Downtown Wake Forest for your mini photo setting allows you to preserve your memories in a classic setting where you feel like you belong. 

E. Carroll Joyner Park

In the middle of Wake Forest lies Joyner Park, a 117-acre park located just a mile east of Capital Boulevard. Joyner Park is the town’s largest park, and residents love its rolling hills and the seemingly endless green space it provides for Wake Forest. 

Joyner Park is a favorite spot among our clients for portrait sessions. The expansive space is tucked away, but as you drive through the entrance, you see that Joyner is a true hidden gem. 

The park’s pecan grove houses an orchard of magnificent trees lining paved walkways –– a beautiful backdrop in any season. The same can be said of the rest of the park. Spectacular forests surround the south and west perimeters of Joyner. As temperatures change, so does the color pallet of the trees, making it a beautiful setting for mini photo sessions all year. 

Joyner Park is home to restored historic farm buildings where you can choose to sit for photo sessions with us. The rustic structures against the pecan trees create a peaceful, idyllic setting for any session in any season. 

Portrait sessions are the perfect way to bring home professional quality portraits at a reasonable financial and time commitment. Joyner is the ideal setting for your session for families with small children. We’ll work to pose your family and get natural shots that photograph you just as you are.

Joyner Park has so much to offer, both in terms of gorgeous photo session scenery as well as activities to do afterward. From fishing to the massive playground to the gym and all the acres of green space in between, Joyner is a great place for your portrait session and then spend the rest of the day enjoying those you love. 

William B. Umstead State Park

William B. Umstead State Park is a natural oasis near the Research Triangle, covering more than 5,500 acres. It sprawls across Raleigh, Cary, and Durham and can be accessed from I-40 and US 70. Umstead is home to three man-made lakes where visitors can take advantage of canoe and rowboat rentals and enjoy fishing. 

Umstead envelops visitors in North Carolina’s natural beauty. The park boasts miles of hiking, cycling, and equestrian trails that wind through the property. Every season, Umstead’s towering forests and local flora provide a beautiful backdrop to a day of adventuring –– and your photography session. 

Umstead is the ideal setting for a session with us. Every month and in every season, the park offers breathtaking views. Umstead is home to beautiful trails, rock formations, creeks, and walking bridges. After your shoot, you can enjoy all Umstead has to offer. 

When considering locations for your photo shoot, Umstead is one of the most beautiful places in the state. And with a photography session, you capture this beauty while preserving precious memories with your family and those you love. 

Historic Oak View Park

Historic Oak View County Park is situated in southeast Wake County on 27 acres. The park explores North Carolina’s diverse agrarian past and invites individuals and families to explore daily farm life. The property’s history reflects periods of different purposes and uses, from an antebellum plantation to sharecropping and tenant farming. Today it serves as a historical marker and educational property while providing recreation for its many visitors. 

Oak View City Park maintains many historic structures on the property, including barns, residences, and more. The carefully maintained buildings tell their stories as visitors walk the property. In addition to Oak View’s structures, the park is home to towering trees, orchards, and plenty of pasture that make the property a hidden gem in Wake County. 

Oak View Park has much to offer regarding its historical significance and natural beauty. In addition, Oak View defines a quiet beauty we love to capture in all seasons. As a result, it’s continued to rank as a top choice for mini-session locations here in the Triangle. 

The structures at Oak View have been well-maintained while preserving the feel of a centuries-old farm. You’ll find whitewashed barns, cozy porches, sprawling white fences, and other gorgeous structures that serve as beautiful backdrops for your family portraits. 

In addition to Oak View’s historic buildings, the park boasts gorgeous trees and greenery that perfectly frame your photos. In the spring and summer, Oak Park is bursting with new life as the trees thrive under blue skies. Then, as fall shuffles in, the golds, reds, and oranges take over, and the treetops are a pallet of autumnal hues. Even during the winter, the park’s natural beauty shines through, especially when set against Oak View’s unique architecture. 

Portrait sessions are perfect for capturing precious memories with those you love. Oak View County Park is big enough to offer a variety of settings and backdrops for your photos, but it’s small enough to sit at multiple locations to get the perfect shot of your family. 

Marbles Museum Mural

Raleigh parents know Marbles Kids Museum is the go-to option for a day of fun –– and tiring for the kids! You’ll find Color Pop Corner behind Marbles, home of arguably the Triangle’s happiest, most cheerful, and bright mural. 

The enormous mural and combination of geometric designs and bright, bold colors make it a fun stop on any trip to Downtown Raleigh. It’s also become a favorite location for our portrait sessions. 

Regardless of the season, Marble’s bold mural is perfect if you’re looking for a setting with whimsy, fun, or something different from your traditional photo shoot.

We love this Raleigh location because of all it has to offer. The mural itself is gorgeous and unlike any other location in the surrounding area. And in addition to the artwork that will serve as the backdrop of your photos, the location offers endless activities right in the heart of Downtown Raleigh. 

After your session, your options for entertainment are virtually limitless. The most obvious choice is to reward the kids with a trip to Marbles, a sure-fire crowd-pleaser. You’re also within walking distance to many of Raleigh’s most outstanding restaurant establishments, both old and new. You can be at parks, event venues, and other activities Raleigh offers just a short drive. 

We know that childhood lasts just a few years. And we know how important it is to preserve those early years with professional photography. The Marbles mural is the ideal spot to photograph your kids being themselves in front of art that captures that childlike spirit. Booking with us at Color Pop Corner allows you to hold on to the little years while embracing all the good to come.

June 7, 2022