What Expect After Your Portrait Session

Portrait Sessions

You just finished your photo session and you are thinking…”That was a lot of fun but what happens now and where do we go from here?” This blog will outline in detail what happens whenever you head home.

After Your Session

When you have completed your session I will download the images to my computer, fully edit every image and then load them to your online gallery. From start to finish this post-session process takes around two weeks. After I finish things on my end you will receive an e-mail containing your online gallery and password. Please feel free to send the gallery to family and friends! They will love seeing your photos and can also choose their favorites at the same time you choose your favorites.

Select Your Favorites

Selecting the ones you want to keep is easy but can be difficult if you love them all. Please click the star below each image you would like released for digital download. Love more than your allotted amount? No problem! You are able to purchase additional images. Once you are done selecting your favorites, let me know via email and I will send them over once your invoice is paid in full. Please remember, that you have just seven days to select your images. After that time, if your selections haven’t been made, JWP reserves the right to select for you. Within your online gallery you can go through and order prints of your favorite images. The lab JWP uses is high quality that captures the full resolution of your images. You invested in your portrait session so please finish strong by ordering prints from a quality compant.

Download Your Portraits

Please download digital images to your computer or external hard drive within two weeks of release. The online gallery will expire after a two-week time period. Downloading only to your phone is not advised.

September 20, 2022