Why Moms Should Be In the Pictures


Taking pictures of your family can help capture memories that will last a lifetime. From small moments like a silly face your child made to the more large moments like a family vacation, photos can capture it all. Taking pictures throughout the day of your family can be a great way to make sure all of these moments are remembered and documented.

One of the benefits of taking pictures throughout the day is that it gives you an opportunity to be creative. If you’re feeling creative, you can take photos of your family all day long, playing around with different settings and angles, and in different lighting. This can result in some really fun, artistic shots that can be enjoyed for years to come. It can also help you develop a better eye for photography and you can use these techniques in the future.

Taking pictures of your family throughout the day can also bring everyone closer together. It encourages everyone to be in the moment and to take the time to appreciate everything that’s happening. However, Moms need to be in the picture too.

Moms are the ultimate nurturers and fully deserve the spotlight when it comes to family photos. Not only do moms give so much to the family, but incorporating their presence in family photos helps make the picture more meaningful and timeless.

For starters, having mothers in family photos is an incredible reminder of the unending support they have provided to their family. Mothers often have the biggest role in a family. They devote endless time and energy to providing direction, support and guidance to their family. With this in mind, having her in the photo pays tribute to everything she has done and to her role in the family. Furthermore, seeing her standing alongside her family will be a lasting reminder of her commitment and all the love and care she has provided.

In addition, including a mom in family photos adds a special touch to the photograph. Family photos are meant to capture all the emotion and beauty of the family dynamic and having mom be a part of it makes the picture more meaningful.

Generally, Moms are the ones pulling their phones out to capture the moment. Here are a few tips to help you take a step from behind the camera to in front. Your kiddos need to see you in the picture!

  1. Use a tripod – most smartphones have a tripod adapter or purchase an inexpensive small stand/tripod.
  2. Use a selfie stick – a selfie stick allows you to extend the reach and get more flattering angles when taking a photo of yourself.
  3. Use a timer – set the timer on your phone, put the phone in position and snap away.
  4. Use voice activation – some newer smartphones allow you to take a photo just by saying a voice command.
  5. Use a remote – purchase an inexpensive remote to trigger the shutter remotely.
  6. Use the volume button – the volume buttons are great for when the timer isn’t an option and a remote isn’t available.
  7. Hand the phone off to the other parent by asking them to take the photo.
  8. Take several shots. It’s always a good idea to snap a few different shots to increase the chances of getting a great one.

February 7, 2023