Different Ways To Photograph A Wedding


Wedding photography is an essential aspect of any wedding ceremony as it captures and preserves the precious memories of the special day for years to come. There are various types of wedding photography, each with its unique style, approach, and purpose. These different types of wedding photography have emerged due to the diverse preferences of couples, the evolving trends in the industry, and the need to cater to varying budgets and wedding styles. The type of wedding photography a couple chooses will depend on their personal preferences, the style of their wedding, and the photographer’s expertise. Understanding the different types of wedding photography is crucial in ensuring that a couple’s vision for their special day is captured and preserved perfectly.

Traditional wedding photography: This type of photography usually involves staged, posed shots of the wedding party and family members. The photographer will often provide direction and guidance for the poses.

Candid wedding photography: Candid wedding photography is all about capturing natural, spontaneous moments throughout the wedding day. The photographer will often be unobtrusive and capture the events as they unfold without any staging or posing.

Photojournalistic wedding photography: Similar to candid photography, photojournalistic wedding photography captures moments as they happen in a documentary style. However, this type of photography also emphasizes storytelling and capturing the emotions and atmosphere of the wedding day.

Fine art wedding photography: Fine art wedding photography takes a more creative, artistic approach to capturing wedding photos. The photographer will often use unique lighting, framing, and other techniques to create visually stunning images.

Destination wedding photography: Destination wedding photography involves traveling to a location outside of the couple’s hometown or country to capture the wedding day. This type of photography often includes scenic shots of the destination and focuses on the unique aspects of the location.

Drone wedding photography: Drone wedding photography involves using a drone to capture aerial shots of the wedding and surrounding areas. This type of photography can provide a unique perspective and add a cinematic quality to the wedding photos.

Pre-wedding or engagement photography: Pre-wedding or engagement photography is usually taken before the wedding day and captures the couple’s love story leading up to the wedding. This type of photography is often more relaxed and candid than traditional wedding photography.

Now that we have explored the various types of wedding photography, you can expect a more thorough look into each type within the next couple of weeks.

May 4, 2023