From Photographing Their LGBTQ Prom to Capturing Their Wedding


HRC Raleigh, North Carolina

Fall 2022 I volunteered my time and photography service for the Raleigh-Durham HRC Second Chance Prom. This is a time for queer individuals to experience prom as their true selves with the date they’ve dreamed of. As a closeted gay teenager going to prom can be intimidating for several reasons. One, they might not be able to dress how they feel comfortable, and second, they might not be able to bring their preferred date due to fear of judgment. The 2nd Chance Prom was where I met Anne and Jackie. As I was taking their picture I quickly found out they were one week away from their wedding.

Courthouse Wedding

The three of us hit it off at the prom, so I jumped at the opportunity to photograph their wedding. The date was set and the contract was signed. We planned to meet up at the courthouse on Friday around 2pm. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans. Raleigh, N.C. was in the direct path of the hurricane. That didn’t stop Jackie and Anne. We pushed the time to earlier in the morning and met up at the courthouse at 10am. The weather was gross but the couple was in style! We made the most of our time together and I was able to get amazing pictures that I know they will cherish for many years to come.

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January 2, 2023