Wake Forest, NC Paws For Life Birthday Celebration Event Photography


On June 8, 2022, I was invited to do event photography to capture volunteers and friends of Paws For Life as they celebrated their 20th birthday!! Those who participated in the birthday celebration met at the Sutherland in Wake Forest for dinner, a comedy show, dancing with music provided by a DJ, and a silent auction! Thank you for the opportunity to give back to the rescue that has dramatically impacted our family. Read our story below!

Our Experience with Paws For Life

Beautiful Calico Kitty

In 2021 I randomly walked into Petco and was greeted by a beautiful calico kitty. She followed me as I looked around for more kittens in the kitty condo. She was alone but so happy! This beautiful and friendly calico reached her paw through the hole to greet me and told me all about herself. . I was not a cat person when I walked into Petco, but I walked out a cat person.

Paws For Life Franklin County Humane Society

As soon as I got home, I researched where this beautiful calico was being fostered. Paws For Life rescued him. Here, they strive “to eliminate the homeless pet population in Franklin, Northern Wake, Southern Granville, Vance, & surrounding counties.

Paws for Life NC was formed in 2002 under the registered name of the Franklin County Humane Society. 2016, we formally changed our name to the Franklin County Humane Society, doing business as Paws for Life NC to avoid being confused with the Franklin County Animal Shelter.   We now primarily go by the operating name of  Paws for Life NC. 

The founding members started our organization as a grassroots effort to help solve the problem of homeless dogs and cats in Franklin County, NC. Over the years, our footprint has grown to include parts of Southern Granville and Northern Wake Counties, NC, and support to outlying rural shelters like Rowan, Nash, Montgomery, and Rocky Mount. 

Our core program is our foster-based adoption program. Over time we added the Spay and Neuter in Franklin County (SNIF) program to combat pet overpopulation, and in the most recent years, we added cat & dog transports to our life-saving toolkit. Recognizing education as a critical change agent, we also implemented the Homeless Pets Program with local schools to teach responsible pet ownership.”


Within one week, I was approved to adopt the beautiful calico I found at Petco. My girls were thrilled when we brought her home. I genuinely feel like she picked our family out. It took about 24 hours for us to come up with her name, and we settled in on Kit Kat! Kit is the friendliest and prettiest calico you will meet! She enjoys greeting her family at the door and running to the couch to receive her cuddles. Aft r our family dinner; she waits patiently at her food bowl for her nightly treat. If you look at her, she will tell you to hurry up. Abo t six months after we adopted Kit, we started to look at kittens to join our growing family.


We decided to use Paws For Life again because, throughout our adoption process with Kit, we could tell they genuinely love their animals and the volunteers are passionate about the well-being of their fosters. I would spend hours at night scrolling through the Paws For Life cats. A few caught my eye, and after visiting with them, we fell in love with this sweet freckle-nosed orange tabby cat. He was eight weeks old when we surprised the girls with yet another kitty adopted through Paws For Life. It wasn’t long until Kit showed Kruz around the home and looked after him as her own. Kruz loves playing parkour, his mini tennis ball, and naps with me! PFL makes the adoption process fun, affordable and easy, and I can’t recommend them enough.

More Paws For Life Images

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June 21, 2022