The Morning Is A Good Time For Pictures


Photography can be a little tricky in Raleigh, North Carolina due to the fact that the time of day plays a huge role in how your pictures will turn out. In this blog post, we will explore why the morning is a good option for your photo session.

First and foremost, the light during the morning hours is incredibly flattering. The sun is lower in the sky compared to midday, which creates softer and more flattering lighting. Harsh shadows and unflattering contrasts are minimized, resulting in photos that highlight your natural features and make you look your best.

In addition to the quality of light, the morning also offers a more peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Busy streets and crowded locations are generally quieter in the morning, which allows for a more tranquil and relaxed photo shoot experience. This calm environment helps to create more natural and authentic photos as you are more relaxed and at ease in front of the camera.

Furthermore, scheduling a photo session in the morning can also provide more flexibility with your day. By finishing the photo shoot early in the day, you have the remainder of the day to enjoy and do other activities. This can be especially beneficial for families, as they can enjoy the rest of the day together without feeling rushed or stressed.

Finally, morning photo shoots are often cooler and more comfortable due to lower temperatures. During hot summer months and in the warmer climates, scheduling an early morning photo shoot can be the perfect solution to avoid the heat and humidity.

In conclusion, whether you are a professional model or simply looking to capture some precious moments with loved ones, scheduling a photo shoot in the morning can be a great choice. The light, peaceful atmosphere, flexible schedule, and comfortable weather are all factors that make an early morning shoot a great opportunity to capture stunning and authentic photos.

Here is a recent branding session done in the morning at the WRAL Azalea Gardens in Raleigh, North Carolina. Notice how the sun isn’t in Shantel’s eyes and the areas behind her are colorful.

March 28, 2023