What’s Hot In Wedding Photography in 2023


Wedding photography is an ever-evolving art form that is constantly changing and adapting to fit the demands of modern couples. As technology advances and couples redefine traditional wedding themes, wedding photographers must stay abreast of the rising trends to give their clients the best possible experience and photographs. So, what’s hot in wedding photography in 2023? Here are the top five trends to look out for:

  1. Minimalism: Simple and clean is the name of the game when it comes to wedding photography in 2023. Minimalistic photos focus on the couple and the moment while allowing the beauty of the venue or outdoor space to highlight the beauty of the day. They also help photographers create stunning photographs without the need for too many props or props which detract from the focus of the image. Many clients are moving away from highly-stylized photos and opting for a more modern, understated look.
  2. Colorful portraits: Colorful and vibrant portraits are becoming a must-have for 2023 weddings. To create such gorgeous photos, photographers are using bold and bright colors in their photos. Bright colors help to add a sense of life and movement to the photos and can give a nod to the couple’s wedding theme.
  3. Drone photography: Drone photography aerial shots are becoming more popular with couples who want to capture amazing scenic shots with their wedding photos. Not only do these shots give a unique perspective but they can also save time and money as photographers will not have to hire professional equipment or accessors to get the perfect shot.
  4. Natural Light: Natural light is back on trend and couples are rediscovering the beauty of taking photos in natural light. Whether it is in a backyard or across the beach, natural light gives a softer, romantic look and feel to the photos that can’t be achieved by studio lighting. Many couples are also embracing the light of moon and stars for evening or nighttime photos.
  5. Photo-journalistic Style: Story-telling images are becoming popular with couples who want to capture the emotion and romance of their day without having staged and posed pictures. Photo-journalistic pictures are taken in a candid or documentary style and tell the story of the wedding from start to finish without being overly posed.

These are just some of the top trends for wedding photography in 2023 that couples should keep in mind when looking for their wedding.

January 12, 2023